Writing an Exceptional Cover Letter to Secure an Interview

  Cover letter is the persona of the applicant applying for a particular job. It creates your first-impression in front of the employers when they evaluate your application for the job. Remember that a general cover letter written in a careless manner will most probably cost you not only an interview but also an ideal job. You need to be focused to your objectives and mention only those skills or qualities that are relevant to the post. To secure the interview and to get the job efficiently, it is important that you should do a little homework before writing a cover letter.

When you are planning to craft this letter the first thing you should understand is the requirements of the job. Read the job description carefully to understand what sorts of tasks the company expects from the potential candidate. To check out how ideal cover letters should look, you may want to take a look at some templates that are copiously available over the internet.

Cover letters should be concise and to the point. Though these letters usually take no more than three paragraphs, but still depending on the nature of the concerned post, it may extend up to four to five paragraphs as well. Let’s take a detailed look at what sort of information should be provided in a three-paragraph letter.

•    The opening paragraph of the cover letter should begin with informing the prospective employer how you come to know about the job vacancy. Many people believe that this opening is a little outdated but still it is as effective as ever. After that proceed the opening with showing enthusiasm in the job which you are applying for. Use powerful words to not only catch but also retain the attention of the prospective manager.

•    Give a brief review of your experience, talent in the required area and your skills. Only highlights those skills that match with the job description. Be a little persuasive in your tone in order to make a convincing impression on the employer. Although highlighting the skills is an essential requirement of writing a cover letter however it should not be written in a manner that sounds like boasting.

•    In the concluding paragraph, tell the prospective manager how you could be a vital asset to the company. Wrap up the cover letter by requesting for an interview call, in a decent manner.

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