Important CV Writing Tips That Must Not Be Overlooked

Curriculum Vitae commonly referred to as CV is the most important component of your job hunt. It can make or break your chances to get an interview call from a prospective employer. Although its importance counts a lot while looking for a job, but most job seekers don’t give a lot of consideration while writing this significant document. This is the first piece-of-paper that a prospective hiring manager looks at to decide whether it is worth meeting the candidate or not. Therefore, to meet the expectations of the recruiter and make them want to meet you, your CV must be written with ultimate quality and perfection. Here are some great tips that will teach you how to improve the effectiveness of your job application, i.e., CV.

•    First and foremost advice is that never lie. This will not only help you in your job but also in the different aspects of your life. A career started on the basis of lie is always bound to crumble sooner or later. In addition to that it can also lead to many unnecessary stains in the work history of the job applicant.

•    Always send your CV to a prospective employer along with an impressive cover letter. This letter is a must if you want to make sure that you get 100% shortlisted for the interview.

•    Before writing the CV, first make an outline of all the elements that will be covered in your CV. This includes your work history/ experience, accomplishments, qualification, qualities and skills.

•    Next thing to check is the quality of the paper on which you will craft your CV. Always use a high-quality paper for this important document. However, it should not be fancy as it will emit an unprofessional aura. If possible, print your CV using a laser printer since its quality is far better than DeskJet or normal photocopy machine.

•    Use clear fonts when writing your Curriculum Vitae. Use standard font styles such as Arial or Times New Roman. Also, use bullet points throughout your CV whenever you are listing down important details such as skills, accomplishments, work experience, etc. This will make your writing look clear and elegant.

•    Never write the name of referees as it is only offered upon request of the employers.

•    Never submit the same document for other job advertisements. Instead, customise them according to the job description.

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