Know the Essential Tips of Writing an Ideal Dissertation Introduction

The introduction of a dissertation sets the tone for the audience. Its purpose is to grab their attention and get across the significance of the research in an effective manner. Here is a list of some important guidelines of writing an ideal introduction that tells your readers that the research you have presented is worth their time.

•    First and foremost thing to do is to read the guidelines of the supervisor carefully. Check out the length of the paper required by them and formulate the extent of your introduction length accordingly. Remember that this opening section is always kept brief and to the point.

Another important point to keep in mind is that introduction can either be written after finishing the complete dissertation or before starting the paper. Just do what suits you the best.

•    When writing the opening of your paper, it is important to clarify the main thesis statement first. This statement indicates the key problem that you intend to cover in the research. Also, provide its importance so the reader will look for to read more.

•    Given that introduction is an attention-grabber section, you can accomplish this goal by starting it with an interesting question, quotation or a fact. This will set the tone for the audience while piquing their interest in the given topic. Invest some time on this key section since it is the only opening paragraph that can captivate your readers.

•    Give a general background of your research. No matter how common this knowledge may seem to you, however it will definitely clear the key concepts of your theory to the reader. Remember that these key concepts will help as a referencing material for the readers to help them understand the statement of problem in an effective manner.

•    Throughout this section, clear the main points of your topic or research. Explain each key point in a brief manner while making sure that your introduction doesn’t cross the word limit. The explanation of all the key points will ensure that the reader doesn’t have any question left in his/her mind.

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