Tips on Writing a Winning Dissertation Report

While seeking higher education, students are expected to produce different types of academic projects. One such academic project that you encounter while pursuing your doctorate degree is a thesis paper.

Thesis is a lengthy, intricate and comprehensively researched academic paper. In United Kingdom, thesis is assigned to doctorate level students whereas in United States the same project is assigned to Master’s level students. In any case, in UK one needs to submit a well-written dissertation report for approval before writing a PhD thesis.

A dissertation report is like a short proposal which generally summarizes all the main points of the dissertation and helps the author to defend his dissertation before the panel of judges or a dissertation committee. Following are some guidelines on how to write a winning dissertation report.

•    First and foremost, read carefully all the guidelines given by your professor. It is very necessary to make sure that the dissertation report is written as per the given set of guidelines. These guidelines may include word count, dissertation format, deadline for submitting the proposal, format for referencing, etc. These guidelines will help you craft a dissertation report which will meet the expectations of your professor.

•    Start early, do not procrastinate. Majority of students don’t take dissertation report seriously and procrastinate till there is only a month left. Never make such mistake and start your project as early as possible. Start preparing material for the dissertation as soon as you are informed about this assignment by your professor.

•    Now brainstorm and choose an appropriate theme for the dissertation which has a unique take on its perspective. It is important that one must understand that a topic should always be specific and not too wide. Come up with unique ideas for the dissertation report’s theme by going through newspapers, journals, books or internet resources.

•    Do a preliminary research on the topic for data-acquisition. It will also help you find out what important points of the dissertation should be discussed. Again, go through books, newspapers, journals and online sources to acquire relevant data.

•    Present all the findings you stumble upon while carrying out the preliminary research and discuss all the suggestions regarding the research. Also use a list of references that you intend to use for completing the actual dissertation.

•    Finally, proofread the entire report and ensure that the content of the paper doesn’t contain, punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors.

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