Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essay is a unique piece of writing that students are often assigned with. Such types of essays are mainly concerned with the origin of an event or thing and its resulting effect. These unique essays explain why certain events are happened and what those events bring about when they happen. Following is the list of some of the most interesting cause and effect essay topics that you may choose from.

•    Cause and effects of global warming

•    Cause and effects of teenage pregnancy

•    Cause and effects of too much smoking

•    Cause and effects of too much drinking

•    Cause and effects of children depression

•    Cause and effects of growing unemployment rate.

•    Legalizing abortion and its growing effects.

•    Cause and effects of certain trends

•    Explain the effects of land pollution

•    Explain the effects of industrial pollution

•    Effects of dumped toxic waste on ocean wild life.

•    Effects of music on mood

•    Teenage tantrums and its effects

•    What causes the World War 1 and how it affected the people of that age?

•    Causes of depression and its effects

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