Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay writing is a very unique assignment in that it describes the event, a subject, word or an object in a very thorough manner. When the writer uses an event in his descriptive essay, he describes each and every thing for instance touch, smell, look or sound in order to make the reader feel the experience of being there. When the writer describes an object, he explains all the attributes and other essential parts related to that object in a very lucid manner. Following is a list of some descriptive essay topics:

•    My First Kiss

•    Farewell Party

•    University Farewell Party

•    My winter vacation

•    A Fashion Show

•    An Art Exhibition

•    A High-school Science Fare

•    Touring Malaysia

•    Meeting the President

•    A beautiful winter day

•    A beautiful tree

•    My favorite place

•    Most romantic words

•    Meeting a Celebrity

•    Attending Royal Wedding

•    A perfect apartment

•    An ideal country

•    Summer vacation

•    Tsunami – A devastating natural disaster

•    Ideal Mate

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