Educational Sociology Essay Topics

Sociology is a very unique yet great subject to study as in this field we study the behavior of humans and analyze their interaction with each other. Through this field we also get to understand how human idiosyncrasies impact our society. There are many hot sociology essay topics to select from and fight for, for instance:


•    Mainstream Media and its incongruous humor

•    AIDs in South Africa – A sociological approach

•    Racism exists in many forms

•    Gender discrepancies – Why men are given importance than women

•    Child labor – Different ways to curb such menace

•    Inequality based on money, class or gender

•    Socialism and Capitalism

•    Increased addiction of drugs among teenagers

•    Female infanticide

•    Prostitution – should it be legalized or banned

•    Domestic violence

•    How domestic violence should be stopped

•    Increased domestic violence in rural areas of India

•    Homosexuality – A growing threat to our society

•    Impact of media on our society

•    Should parenting style of the Tiger Mom be implemented in UK?

•    Common Youth Problem – Alcoholism

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