Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Trying to persuade your readers in validating a perspective or personal point of view is not an easy to do job, well, this is what good persuasive essay topics are about. Choosing a good subject from a list of topics and composing a good persuasive essay is not all about convincing someone but also requires you to make your arguments with supportive and coherent evidence. Following are some persuasive essay topics that you may choose from for reference:

•    Human cloning is wrong in every aspect

•    Test tube babies, is this wrong or not?

•    Pollution is the enemy of your health

•    Domestic violence should be put to stop

•    Should abortion be encouraged or discouraged

•    Effects of divorce of parents on their children

•    Use of Cell phone while driving should be punished by law

•    Bullies should be taken care of by the school authorities

•    Rural life is better than urban life

•    Dogs are better pets

•    Parents should teach good manners to their bully children

•    Racism should be banned

•    Marriage is better than domestic partnership

•    Domestic partnership has its negative effects

•    Students’ textbooks should be free

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