Impressive Proposal Essay Topics

Many college professors demand their students to first present and approve a good essay proposal, in which they present the outline of their actual essay assignment. By jotting down an effective proposal using effective proposal essay topics, students enhance the chances of approving a specific topic by their professors. Here is a quick list of some interesting topic ideas:

•    Pre-writing practices enhances students’ writing skills

•    Various class activities improve students’ motivation

•    Drug addiction and ways to curb it

•    Global warming – a global concern

•    Parenting in modern society

•    Ways to curb homelessness.

•    Causes of homelessness

•    Children and internet

•    Facebook and bullies

•    Smoking should be banned in public places

•    Kissing should be banned in public areas

•    Air pollution and how to reduce this problem

•    Children obesity issue

•    Business Tycoons and their minds

•    Measures to save endangered species

•    Cyber crime and ways to prevent it

If you think you are ready to write a proposal, then go ahead and choose the best topic.

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