Interesting and Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

Funny persuasive essay topics are only slightly different than other persuasive topics because in funny essays you persuade your reader to agree with your perspective about a funny matter or subject. Let us take a quick look at some examples which you may use for reference:

•    Women should be penalized for screaming

•    Face Botox – every woman’s wish

•    Should people be allowed to have more than one spouse

•    Is it true that girlfriend is better than wife

•    Men should do house chores while women should do office chores

•    Larry King is a King

•    World without women

•    Men should be sent to mars

•    Plastic surgeries – a method to become beautiful or ugly

•    Most plastic surgeries ever

•    Should lips piercing be allowed to children?

•    Public places are not dating spots

•    The grim reality of having a tough girlfriend

When choosing funny persuasive essay topics make sure that you don’t choose those topics that might offend the readers. You can select impressive funny essays by taking help from a reliable essay writing service.

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