Problem Solution Essay Topics

Basically, in a problem/solution essay you need to choose a simple or a sophisticated problem and present some solutions for it. You can choose something simple as how to treat head lice problem or you can choose something sophisticated as how to eliminate poverty. First try to suggest some common ways to handle such problems as well as come up with some new solutions that have never been suggested before. Still don’t know what kind of problem solution essay topics you should choose? Well don’t worry, just take a look at some below listed ideas.

•    Safe and security of your safe

•    Work stress

•    Unemployment

•    Voting system in a particular country

•    Underage drinking

•    Chain smoking

•    Boredom

•    Loneliness

•    Child abuse

•    Prostitution

•    Problems with raising infants

•    Problems with growing poverty

•    Problems of homeless people

•    Problems of old age homes

•    Frustrating career objectives

•    Academic stress

•    Job stress

•    Illegal immigration

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