A 5-Minutes Guide to Writing a GCSE Essay

GCSE, stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a compulsory secondary school program studies by students in UK. To proceed to the next stage of education, students have to work hard for this exam and pass it with flying grades. However, passing a GCSE exam is certainly not as easy as it may sound like. Owning to the fact that students usually give this exam at the age of around 16 years, at such age they don’t have good writing skills. This often leads students to failure and they have to give the exam again.

Though there are dozens of different subjects that are included in GCSE course, the test of English subject is necessary to be taken by students who want to study in a university. There are different types of GCSE tests among which essay writing is the most common yet compulsory one. Read on to find out how you can tackle this test effectively and pass it with highest grades.

Determine the Key Factors

When producing such essays, you need to consider some important factors that can make your paper an attention-grabbing write-up:

•    Outlining: Planning or organization is the most crucial aspect of a wining work. Therefore, start your work with an outline. It will give you a blueprint of your work thereby making it easy for you to accomplish the task with complete efficiency.

•    Approach: It is also necessary to determine how you’ll approach your essay. To understand your approach you first need to understand the type of essay you are assigned. By knowing the approach, you’ll be able to determine how you should start your essay, develop the body and conclude it.

•    Attention-Grabbing: If you want to keep your essay catchy till the end, then you need to begin it with an attention-grabbing statement. Keep in mind that the opening of your work always has an impact, but it is up to you to make that impact either attention-grabbing or dull.

Look Out For Grammatical Errors or Typos

Give that you are writing a GCSE essay for your English subject, you need to be extra careful with the grammatical mistakes and typos. Remember that your teachers won’t be as forthcoming as they used to during the regular classes when it comes to GCSE test. They’ll check your English paper more strictly then usual and they’ll pay attention to these details. Therefore, it is imperative that you double check your paper to correct these mistakes.

Also, try to keep the vocabulary and sentence structures unique. In other words, vary the word selection, phrases and expressions used in the work. Use the tone that fits well with the nature or type of your essay. Avoid slangs or jargons.

Determine the Tone

Identify and use the right tone in your English essay. For instance, if you are asked to write an informative paper, then you have to use an informative tone throughout the paper.

Keep the following key points in mind while composing a GCSE English essay so that you can impress the examiner and pass this test with good grades.

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  1. Daniel Robert says:

    Marry, Thanks for sharing such a helpful post. My son is preparing for gcse exam. I will let him know about the tips you have shared so that he can write a good english essay without any grammatical errors. He should write essay in such a way that it could grab the attention of the reader.

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