Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Essays are an essential part of our school, college or university syllabus. During the course of our academic life we come across different sorts of essays at different occasions. For instance, when we apply to any school or college, we are required to write an admission essay. Likewise, different colleges or universities also require students to compose essays on different topics. The main objective of essay writing is to prepare us for advance level academic projects that are much difficult and comprehensive than essays. These higher level projects need to be well-researched, referenced and more importantly immaculate, that is, free from any error. Therefore, it is necessary that every student must know the common essay writing mistakes. This way they will not only avoid those mistakes while writing essays but also when they face dissertations, research papers or theses.

•    First and foremost, the most common mistake that majority of us make is choosing something which is least interesting to us. Topic is the main foundation of the essay so if the foundation is weak the whole structure will collapse. So ensure that only those topics are selected for the assignments which are interesting to investigate.

•    Another mistake that we make is that we don’t include any thesis statement. A thesis statement is like a tag line of your product. So without a tag line do you really think you can catch your audience’s attention?

•    The main topic of an essay is basically divided into three to four main points. Every point is usually written in a separate paragraph. However, many of us never consider using any transitional sentence to interconnect all the main points.

•    Majority of the essays are rejected only because of incorrect punctuations. Having incorrect punctuations in the essay, make the reading difficult for the reader.

•    The misuse of commas is another common mistake that one can clearly notice in majority of the essays. Students tend to use commas inappropriately hoping to make their writing look professional.

•    An essay without relevant facts, evidence or quotations is bound to get rejected. Remember that you cannot prove your points or arguments in an essay if you don’t have enough evidence to support it. So go to libraries or use internet to look for relevant evidence or facts and figures.

•    No proofreading. Remember that proofreading is a must. Without proofreading you cannot ensure whether your paper has any critical mistakes in it or not.

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