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One of the most important parts of university essays writing is proofreading. However, it is usually underestimated by majority of students which eventually leads them to poor grades or to feel embarrass before the whole class. Students are prone to make grammatical or spelling mistakes, no matter how bright they are. Mistakes in university essays can cost students lots of precious marks. Therefore, it is necessary to proofread the work before handing it over to the teachers or professors. Take a look at the following guidelines to learn how to proofread a document.

1.    First of all it is very necessary that you take a break between writing and proofreading. If you try to search proofreading tips online, you will notice that this is the very first tips that every article would mention. Why? It is because when you finish writing a manuscript you need a rest to fresh up your mind and if you don’t, your mind will not work as effectively as it should be while proofreading. Choose a place where there is no distraction so that you can focus on the proofreading proficiently.

2.    Try to spell check the paper manually instead of using a spell checker program. Although there are many word-processors that have integrated spell checking programs. However, these programs are not as effective as human brain. These programs often suggests those words that the writer certainly doesn’t mean at all for instance their and there. Although these two words have different meanings but they sound alike, a program cannot even distinguish this simple mistake. Use a dictionary while proofreading the spellings in your university essays.

3.    It is advisable that the writer should proofread the document backward and sentence by sentence. It is a very effective way of proofreading no matter how complicated the content is. This way you will be able to focus your attention on each and every word of the content efficiently.

4.    If possible, ask any friend or any expert person to take a look at your paper and check the punctuation mistakes in it. Some students are very bad with inserting apostrophes or other punctuation marks in their work. These marks are very important as it can change the whole meaning of a word.

5.    Don’t be contented by proofreading the essay only once but you need to proofread it two to three times again. It will ensure you that your paper is free from any sorts of mistakes and it is ready to be submitted.

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