Writing an Exceptional Cover Letter to Secure an Interview

  Cover letter is the persona of the applicant applying for a particular job. It creates your first-impression in front of the employers when they evaluate your application for the job. Remember that a general cover letter written in a careless manner will most probably cost you not only an interview but also an ideal job. You need to be focused to your objectives and mention only those skills or qualities that are relevant to the post. To secure the interview and to get the job efficiently, it is important that you should do a little homework before writing a cover letter. When you are ... Read more

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5 Stress-Management Tips for Job Interviewees

Finding the right job is quite a stressful task that job-applicants have to deal with. After finding a prospective job opportunity, you try your best to avoid every possible mistake that may cost a good job. Interview is the last important phase that you have to go through before securing an ideal employment. You have to tame your stress that hinders your performance during the interview or else you will probably end up making a bad impression on the prospective employer. If you are too focused on thinking what will happen in the interview or whether or not you will be able to coordinate ... Read more

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Tips for Editing College Essays

During the course of education, students have to write several different kinds of projects. These include essays, book reviews, literary writing, term papers, research papers, etc. Although each of these projects are not that easy to produce but still some students are able to produce it after a lot of hard work. However, their hard work goes completely wasted when they submit their assignments without editing it. Know that writing is not the only essential part of our education but it is the editing that makes the writing perfect. Editing your work three to four times allows you to get rid ... Read more

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Tips on Writing a Winning Dissertation Report

While seeking higher education, students are expected to produce different types of academic projects. One such academic project that you encounter while pursuing your doctorate degree is a thesis paper. Thesis is a lengthy, intricate and comprehensively researched academic paper. In United Kingdom, thesis is assigned to doctorate level students whereas in United States the same project is assigned to Master’s level students. In any case, in UK one needs to submit a well-written dissertation report for approval before writing a PhD thesis. A dissertation report is like a short proposal ... Read more

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Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Essays are an essential part of our school, college or university syllabus. During the course of our academic life we come across different sorts of essays at different occasions. For instance, when we apply to any school or college, we are required to write an admission essay. Likewise, different colleges or universities also require students to compose essays on different topics. The main objective of essay writing is to prepare us for advance level academic projects that are much difficult and comprehensive than essays. These higher level projects need to be well-researched, referenced ... Read more

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Important Elements of Crafting a Compelling Essay

Majority of individuals believe that essay writing is the most difficult academic task which they face while pursuing their college education. Many of them even dread hearing the words “essay assignment”. In any case tackling such academic tasks shouldn’t need to be difficult because students who seek higher education will probably have to face even more difficult assignments than essays such as dissertation or thesis. When they do they will understand how easy it is to write an essay than writing a dissertation or thesis. Basically essay assignments bring you a perfect opportunity to ... Read more

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Critical Admission Essay Mistakes to Stay Away From

If you want to earn or secure a seat in the college of your choice, you have to write a compelling admission essay first. Put yourself in the shoes of the admission board of the college and see how they evaluate college admission applications. The members of the admission board are experienced people and they have to evaluate hundreds of applications. They are mostly dreaded having to read more boring essays. They don’t want to learn any bore essays yet they have to. They usually evaluate the quality of the essay by going through the introduction. If it is interesting, they will gladly ... Read more

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Write My Essay – Some Planning Tips

Writing a unique and compelling essay is an arduous and daunting job which is given by the professors of our colleges and universities. Write my essay is often asked by those individuals who lack certain skills that are required by these assignments. Apart from lack of writing skills, there are other more reasons why students consider this task a tough and difficult one. One reason is that they delay the assignment until the last minute, thus resulting in a plagiarized essay. Through this valuable article you will be explained how you can plan your essay writing time efficiently to make ... Read more

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Proofreading Guidelines – University Essays

One of the most important parts of university essays writing is proofreading. However, it is usually underestimated by majority of students which eventually leads them to poor grades or to feel embarrass before the whole class. Students are prone to make grammatical or spelling mistakes, no matter how bright they are. Mistakes in university essays can cost students lots of precious marks. Therefore, it is necessary to proofread the work before handing it over to the teachers or professors. Take a look at the following guidelines to learn how to proofread a document. 1.    First of all it ... Read more

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Buy Essay – Must Follow Guide

Buy essay is an act which is very common among college or university pupils. However, this whole process is certainly not easy. If buyers, in this case students, are not cautious while getting these papers online, certain unnecessary problems may arise and in worst case those problems may cost them a lot of money. Following is a simple guide that every student must follow to get these papers online while avoiding fraudsters or fake companies. Select Topic before Hiring - First of all, you will need to determine what type of topic you want them to write on. The process of topic selection ... Read more

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