Important Aspects of a Winning Personal Statement

Majority of universities require undergraduate or graduate students to write a personal statement. It is a compulsory requirement that one cannot overlook during the admission. It is an application that allows the candidate to expound on his/her academic skills, experiences and achievements. Some applications may ask you to respond to particular questions while there are some that may require you to talk about general matters. Regardless, you need to make sure that your statement stands out from the rest and compels the admission committee to consider you as a potential applicant.

Other than elaborating on your main skills and academic achievements, a personal statement also demonstrates that you are highly-capable of outlining your thoughts and transforming them into clear and effective statements. Keep in mind the following critical aspects of a winning personal statement to increase your chances of securing the admission.

•    First and foremost point you need to remember is that all the academic background and experiences should be expound on thoroughly. However, keep the details as specific as possible. Do not let any irrelevant detail be blended in the personal statement as it may disrupt the flow of the entire essay.

•    Remember that the main aim of writing a personal statement is to demonstrate why you are special and why they should consider you for the admission in the program you desire. Use this chance to set yourself apart from other candidates and describe your unique ability and skills in an appealing manner.

•    Briefly expound on the reasons that make you more compel to their academia. Tell the admission committee what aspects of their institute attract your interest. For instance, you can mention the name of a particular professor who is very prominent in your field or you may talk about a particular department that other institutes don’t have.

•    Describe your work experience, if you have any. It will reinforce your claims of having a firm interest in your field. Moreover, it will also demonstrate that you are keen in developing your skills and you are committed to your field.

•    Last but not least, shed some light on your career goals before wrapping up your personal statement. Again, you need to be as specific as you can. Explain the reasons why you want to choose a set goal for yourself.

Keep in mind that personal statement provides you with an opportunity to outshine others. Therefore, avail this opportunity with full confidence and win the heart of the admission committee.

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