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University Essays are a showcase of your thought process, how you research to prove your point and how you analyse large chunks of information rationally and coherently. 1st Class Standard depicts depict your level of maturity when it comes to research and organisation of your analysis based on vigorous research studies that you have carried out.

If you do not have Full Command over the English Language, Good Organization Skills, Rational Analytical Skills and Critical Thinking Skills, then achieving a 1st Class Standard is Unattainable. These skills take a while to develop and require a lot of effort and practice.

4 Major Factors that block you from achieving 1st Class Standard:

Although you submit average university essays despite all the problems you might have faced, you may be only respected if you deliver the best. If your professors mark your work with bad marks, not only will their attitude change towards you but your reputation among friends may also go down.

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